Monday, May 2, 2011




  1. Check this out, Nikolaia. Imagine, someone stealing MY poem and trying to pass it off as their own. Can you even begin to realize the trouble this person is in if they don't get honest with me and take it down? It's COPYRIGHTED and there are ENORMOUS consequences online and offline- Lawsuits, Google gets involved and pressures everyone to hand over the plagiarist even shutting down their blogspot if they have one, they get blacklisted from every poetry venue on the Internet, etc. It's messy. Take a look.

    Miss you my dear. You should AIM me sometime.

  2. Hmm... wonder why they wont put my AIM name on here, you know, nutnzup

  3. Ohhh, man that sucks! :(

    I once had a problem with copyright. Someone took an entire site of my poems and put them on another, passing them off as their own. When I reported the site, I also posted the link to my site as reference. The parent site then got confused and deleted MY site. I was not pleased.

    On the link you posted though, I don't see anything.

    I hadn't seen you online for a while, but I so seldom go on AIM anymore. AOL just isn't my ideal program, but I'll try and catch you there sometime soon. :D

  4. They took it down because I raised an issue and promised to include them in my lawsuit :)

  5. You can copyright entire web pages here, Nik-

  6. Hey sweety, would you like for me to advertise your blog? You should send me a button. :)

  7. Well, that's good, and I've seen that website before, but I sort of don't buy it. I thought people had to buy copyright protection - would that site hold up in court?

    And that would be fantastic. Any recommended pixel sizes?

  8. Oh no! Absolutely not! This site is a second layer of protection. The laws actually state that copyrights on "writings" are automatic. This kind of site gives a form of proof to uphold and substantiate your claim in that law.

    The third way is to send sealed, certified mail to yourself with all of your poetry and writing, and receive it unopened, with signature required. This is called a "Poor man's Copyright". This, too, is official, using the U.S. or Canadian Postal Service as your Date of validation and verifiability witness.

    "Some countries require registration with their jurisdiction in order to receive ADDITIONAL entitlements beyond actual damages in an infringement case."

    This means that site is lawful proof, BUT you can only sue to discontinue use of your product and make them stop, AND collect a reasonable amount of money based on what they were projected to have made out of your idea, HOWEVER you cannot go further and try to take damages out of their ass as well in order to cripple their efforts financially.

    This method is absolutely valid for stopping people and collecting damages. just nothing beyond that. To put a worse hurt on people, THEN you are talking expensive and time consuming copyright registrations on a local level.

    The button for your blog need be no larger than 185 X 185 and if you have any site you want advertised, like your RPG site, I'd be glad to add those too. Email me the buttons at so I get them for sure! Nice seeing you again, Nik. I hope we get to talk more. But you are always my friend, even if a hundred years pass.

    The sooner you send buttons and URL's the better. My traffic is ballooning and I'm trying to get people to take advantage of it because nothing on my site is for sale so someone needs to benefit from it. By for now, dear!

  9. Hey, I just recently saw your email message to me. You thought *I* was the one that wrongfully claimed your poetry as mine?

    To be honest, I'm a bit offended, as that is not my full name and I am not from Canada, and I am everything but capable of writing theft. Furthermore, I don't need to steal poetry, as I am quite content with the quality of my own.

    So sad that we had to resume talking under those circumstances. Do you still believe that the thief was me?

  10. By the way, how did you find my blog, as it's not attached to my aol account?