Friday, April 1, 2011

NaPoWriMo 1 - Firefly

I could always trust you to grasp me in your palms
just right, just enough so that you could feel that
firefly beating it’s wings beneath my chest
but give it enough room to breathe -

I can’t begin to describe what that’s worth to me,
me, a creature borne from the hands of men that
crushed fireflies in their palms just to watch
that glowing strip of gut grow dull. I can’t describe
how much it means to fan my wings, to have bulbs
in my porchlight eyes, to be held by a grasp
that does not leave me choking for my breath -

just cradle me. Cradle me intimately to your
life lines and I’ll use them to map out constellations
for days you can’t find home at home, and if the stars
guide you into my arms
tell me that will be okay. Tell me that some days
I don’t have to shine; tell me I can melt right from my eyes
some days and that you’ll be the ocean I can run into
when the waterfalls are just too steep and I’m about to
evaporate into the sky in flurries of light -

there are days I’m not at my brightest,
and times where all I can do is spell out
what I mean when my vocal chords are
too broken (I’m no cricket, I’ve never been
musical), but

believe me when I say
that when it’s midnight and time’s stopped
in the darkness, there will always be a flicker of me,
a small candlelight
waiting to take you home -

wherever that home may be.


  1. love firefly imagery...

    keep hoping, keep writing, keep sharing..

  2. invite you to contribute a poem to poets rally week 41, a free verse is accepted.

    We encourage, we share, we love poets, and we have fun..

    Poetry awards may be assigned to quality participants/ first time participants.

    Hope to see you in.