Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NaPo 5 - Drought, Finally

I was about to go to sleep, but I almost forgot my poem for the day. Looking back, it's a bit confusing... I'll fix it tomorrow. XP


I could smell my childhood
in your hair, your breath, the breeze
as the lake rushed past beneath -

I’ve learned a lot of things during
this life, you can
hold on to your inner child as tight
as you please, but you’ve got to let it go
if you want to be happy. Birds are
like that, so I stopped
chasing sea gulls.

You’re never truly left by that
unforgettable piece of your memory -

it can punch and kiss you so softly.

Today, I discovered my young summer,
dazed in the crook of your neck, and
felt the child crash over me like a
wave in the smell of reeds -

(you’ve got so much music up your spine
I can hear a melody every time you breathe)

When I was young, I never believed
in droughts, because it was something
I couldn’t see, but I remember the dryness
of the desert before I reached the sea, and

thank Love it’s not too late to
dive in, hold my ear to your chest
and hear the roaring of the spirit of
my pulsing tide from a younger me -

thank Love, there will always be
moments we can never forget,

thank Love, there are droughts
just so we can refill the sea.

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